Samsung 31,5" Odyssey C32HG70, 144Hz Curved QLED Monitor

TV vs Monitor for Gaming

The world of gaming is getting more beautiful but also more competitive by the minute as technology is advancing. Gaming fanatics can always have a hard time deciding where to direct their attention and money when buying equipment. When it comes to gaming, every piece of equipment counts and decides your success in the long …

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Move Steam Folder Feature

Move Steam Games to New Folder

Changing a Steam game installation folder to a new one has never been easier. It used to be a risky and time consuming chore and you could never be sure if everything stays the same. The problem with moving game installation folders manually is that it doesn’t update everywhere. There are paths and registries that …

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Best Games Of 2019

Best Upcoming Games in 2019

Overall, 2018 was a terrible year for gaming. Most of the year was filled with cash grabs and high-budget disasters. Here’s to hoping 2019 brings us more masterpieces that would keep us playing for more than a couple of days. We’ve listed the best and most interesting upcoming games in 2019 to a single epic …

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