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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord EASY Marriage & Best NPC’s to Marry! (2024)

In the world of Bannerlord dynasties are as important as armies or fiefs. To turn your motley clan into a dynasty you will need to start a family.

In order to get married and start a family in Bannerlord you will need to find a suitor to marry. This is currently the only way to have children who will take your place as the player once your starting character dies.

Not all characters are eligible for marriage. Their position may be too important (like clan leaders) or they are already married. They must also be of noble stock, so companions are also not able to marry you without mods.

While every eligible suitor is functionally the same, some stand out with incredible stats and skills making them far better leaders, stewards, fighters, and traders.

You should make a decision based on what you want. Some lords have poor skills, but own a town while some ladies have very good stats and come from renown clans, but do not own any property.

Personalities may come into conflict depending on your actions, honorable spouses tend to not like raiding and looting villages, so you may need to take into consideration what you wish and plan accordingly.

Bannerlord Marriage - How to Marry and Charm

It is important to act quickly If you find someone you want, because over time many bachelors and bachelorettes will be killed or married off. So act fast, time is of the essence!

To marry someone you have to convince them you are a suitable match, requiring you to pass a series of dice-rolls checks. It can be influenced with the right character traits or with charm skills.

The easier way is to find his or her clan leader and ‘trade’ money for your chosen person’s hand in marriage. The cost can be around 40,000 or higher in denar value. This is a reliable method as it no longer needs you to risk them rejecting your proposal from a dice roll.

Marry in Bannerlord Bribe Clab Leader


To find everyone who is available for marriage you should find them in the encyclopedia (open it by pressing ‘N’). The heroes section has filters for gender, status, and marital status.

Many of these characters are set and will be present in most playthroughs, but as the years roll by, many characters will die off and be replaced by their sons and daughters.

How to find who to marry in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

In no particular order, here are some candidates that are a cut above the rest. They have skills in the 200s and some of them even start with the best equipment money can buy.

While some do not have any fiefs, it is important to remember that you can have many towns and fiefs, but you can only have one spouse.


Esur — Khuzait vassal, clan head is MesuiExcellent fighter who can hold his own in governing or leading armies.
Usair — Aserai vassal, clan head is TaisVery good fighter with good governing abilities.
Erdurand — Vlandian vassal, heir to DerthertExcellent tactician and fighter. Directly related to the Vlandian king gives you political advantage in the Vlandian kingdom.
Belithor — Northern Empire vassal, clan head is ManteosVery good at governing, fighting and leading armies.
Simir of the Gundaroving — Sturgian vassal, clan head is RaganvadA very young killing machine. Nearly 300 points in all combat skills and over 160 in stewardship makes him probably the strongest young man in terms of stats.
Urik of Kuloving — Sturgian vassal, clan head is OlekVery good all-rounder with an impressive beard. His governing skills are acceptable.
Fenagan — Battanian vassal, clan head is LuichanBig lad who is a master with all kinds of weapons. Very fast both on foot and horse, but his administrative skills are a bit low.
Siaramus — Battanian vassal, clan head is AeronThis other huge lad is slightly worse than Fenagan at combat, but he is also much better at governing with higher stewardship.


Arwa — Aserai vassal, clan head is AdramShe is a fast, well-rounded fighter as well as a good tactician and had at least some stewardship.
Abagai — Khuzait vassal, clan head is TulagA strong fighter with no stewardship at all, making her weak at governing.
Corein — Battanian vassal, clan head is king CaladogAn excellent fighter and archer, but a poor governor. She doesn’t mind raiding and pillaging. Directly related to the Battanian king, making her a good choice if you join Battania.
Ira — Southern Empire vassal, clan head is Empress RhagaeaShe is a decent fighter and starts with very good equipment, but has no governing skills at all. She is the only daughter of the Empress of the Southern Empire, making her a very solid choice if you want to join the Southern Empire.
Liena — Vlandian vassal, clan head is AldricOne of the best all-rounders. She is a very good fighter and tactician, on top of being good at trade and stewardship. 
Nadea — Western Empire vassal, clan head is GariosShe is well-rounded and can govern. She is also the daughter of Garios, the leader of the Western Empire. You can leverage your marriage for political gain if you choose to join the Western Empire.
Silvind — Vlandian vassal, clan head is CalatildShe is similar to Liena, she is a strong fighter, just a tiny bit worse at trade.
Svana — Sturgian vassal, clan head is GodunA mountain of a woman; a strong fighter and decent archer. She also has decent governing skills.
Sora — Northern Empire vassal, clan head is ManteosShe may not have any combat skills at all, but she makes up for it with excellent stewardship and trade skills. She is one of the best governors for a town.
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