YouTube Dark Theme Feature

How to activate Dark Theme on YouTube

YouTube has always had a red and white color scheme that has stayed virtually unchanged over the years, therefore a long awaited night mode is a breath of fresh air. A problem with YouTube is that there is almost no customization possibilities for any aspects of the platform. Aside from being iconic to the YouTube brand, the colors are not very appealing as most software and websites allow users to switch to between looks, because it’s easier on the eyes. The possibility to alternate between different themes on a platform is to be expected, which is why YouTube decided to implement the long awaited dark theme alongside the updated minimalist look.

How to switch between the Light and Dark Theme?

First, make sure that you are indeed using the new version of YouTube by going to

Next, click on your avatar in the top right corner to open up the drop-down menu. Look for the row that says Dark Theme: Off

YouTube Normal Theme

Now all you need to do is click it to open up a confirmation to change themes. The colors span across the entirety of YouTube and will stay activated even after leaving the page. Don’t worry, you can always go back and change it back to the default colors. It’s common practice to alternate between the themes, because dark colors are less stressful to the eye in the evening.

YouTube Dark Theme

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