PS4 Connection Problems (feature)

PS5 or PS4 Crashing Internet & All Connections?

Is your PS5 or PS4 crashing the internet in the entire house when you turn it on? There are many potential reasons and solutions for this problem, here’s to hoping one of the works for you. We’ve scoured the web for all possible solutions to PS4 crashing the router and found tons. In fact we managed to fix the issue on our end using the power supply trick listed below.

Why did the entire internet connection go down?

The most likely reason why the PlayStation is crashing the internet is not only because of poor engineering by Sony. In fact, the reason why the connection keeps disconnecting is not happening because of the PlayStation, but your router.

Have you wondered why most people are reporting that their connection stops working on all devices at the same time? This happens because it’s in fact not your internet that is crashing, but your entire router or modem.

You might not notice it because most routers reboot themselves after such a failure. This would also make it look like the PS5 is losing connection every few minutes for a little while, but it is just the router recovering.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable

In our case, the PS4 was crashing the internet with both wired and wireless connections, this is not the case for everyone. Many people around various support forums claimed that their problem was being connected to Wi-Fi and just plugging in an LAN cable fixed the issue. This is probably the easiest and cheapest fix to try out which is why we recommend trying this first. Many people however do not have the luxury of having their router close by to their console. If that is the case, keep reading.

Router not powerful enough

As stated in the beginning, your router is the most likely culprit to all the problems. This issue seems to usually occur in households with multiple devices connected to the same router. This can become a problem especially with older router models.

Old Router

The design can not withstand as much traffic as modern internet users required. The first thing you should attempt is to disconnect all other devices from the network. After doing so, check if your PlayStation stays connected properly on its own.

If this indeed is the case, the only solution is to upgrade your router. This might mean a hefty investment of even upwards of 100$, but there definitely is a difference between the processing power of low and high end routers.

Router too power hungry

This was the problem in our case, which is not considered in almost any other topics discussing this issue. Especially in modern routers, a lot of power is consumed. This happens when trying to deliver connection over multiple cables and Wi-Fi. When the connections require more power than can be supplied, the device can crash completely.

New Router

To make sure the router gets enough power, you need to ensure that your power cable/plug delivers enough voltage. When using older wall plugs with a new router, turns out the adapter might not be delivering enough power to support the PlayStation 4 connection.

Changing the power plug to a more powerful one fixed the issue for us. However you must make sure that the power plug is compatible with the router, as to not break the device with too much voltage.

Related to this same issue, if the plug is not the problem, the issue can also be the power supply within the router. If the power supply is faulty, you might need to contact the router manufacturer to send a replacement or fix the device for you. However most people would prefer purchasing a more efficient router instead.

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