Sell Steam Inventory (feature)

Sell ALL Your Steam Trading Cards with 1 Click

Selling all your steam trading cards has become a huge chore. It used to be easy with the legendary Steam Inventory Helper, but it was turned into malware by a new Russian owner. Many newcomers have tried to make plugins to do the same job but most of them are broken or just terrible to use.

We have finally found a fantastic alternative to keep your Steam Inventory in check. This tool does a lot more than just sell all trading cards with one click.

What is Steam Economy Enhancer?

Steam Economy Enhancer is not an extension or a plugin you can simply download, which is why most Steam Users don’t know about it. Steam Economy Enhancer is actually a script that you have add to your browser. It activates every time you visit steam in your browser.

That means it is light-weight and is not running on any other pages. This way you can rest assured your browsing is safe and there’s no way for the plugin to do anything it shouldn’t be doing.

Alongside selling cards and items with one click and opening all booster packs at once, there are tons of other cool features as well.

Selling All Steam Cards

Steam Marketplace features:

Detect under- and overpriced items
Remove all overpriced items
Sort and search items by price, name or date
Total price for listings, as seller and buyer
Unpack All Booster Packs

Steam Inventory features:

Sell all (selected) items or trading cards automatically
Select multiple items simultaneously
Quick sell buttons to sell an item without confirmations
Shows the lowest listed price for each item
1-Click to turn item into gems
Unpack selected booster packs

Steam Trade Offer features:

A summary of all items from both parties
Select all items of the current page
Shows the lowest listed price for each inventory item

How to setup Steam Economy Enhancer

First and foremost, you have to install an extension to your browser that allows scripts. Our favorite is Tampermonkey which has been around for many years and used by millions of users. You can install the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Next you need to copy the script. You can just copy it from this GitHub link or you can download the script file by clicking here and opening it in notepad.

Once you have the script copied to your clipboard (Ctrl + C), go to your Tampermonkey extension at the top right corner of your browser. Click on it and go to Dashboard. You should see a view that looks something like this:

Tampermonkey Dashboard

Once you see the dashboard, click on the ‘+‘ sign next to the ‘Installed userscripts’ tab.

Next, you need to paste (Ctrl + V) the script you downloaded/copied earlier. You should then end up with a view looking something like the following:

Tampermonkey New Script

Lastly, all you need to do is press Ctrl + S or go to File -> Save. Now, if you go back to the ‘Installed userscripts’ tab, you should see Steam Economy Enhancer.


The script will automatically activate every time you enter a steam inventory URL on your browser. There are tons of other cool TamperMonkey scripts to find online that will make browsing many other sites more pleasurable.

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