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How to Pin Steam Games to Taskbar

Pinning Steam games to your taskbar is a lot easier than it sounds. Most Steam users end up accumulating a huge collection of games but in reality only play a few specific ones over and over. To gain faster access to those games with one click, a great way is to pin them to the windows taskbar. You can use this same method with any software or games, even from Blizzard, Origin or Uplay.

Finding a Steam game to Pin to the Taskbar

The first step is to the find the game you want to pin in your Steam library. Once you found the game from your list, right click on it and go to Properties. From the window that pops up, go to the Local Files tab and click the first button that says Browse Local Files. This should open the game installation directory that contains all the game data. The folder should look similar to the image below.

Game Folder without Executable
Steam folder for a game called Wargroove

The next step is to find the game executable or the .exe file that launches the game. In most cases the game launcher can be easily located within the folder that you are in. If that is not the case however, Windows has a very nifty search function that will help you out. You should be able to locate the search box in the top right corner of the window. Now just type ‘.exe‘ into that search box to see all the executable files in the game folder.

Finding the executable file
Search results for ‘.exe’ from the Wargroove game folder

Pinning the Game you found

If you located the executable using the search you have to do the following step first. Right click on the search result and a menu should show up. Towards the bottom click on the option called ‘Open file location‘. This should open up and highlight the location where the found file is. If the search results returned multiple .exe files, the best way to find the right one is to just run each one. The one that ends up launching the game is the one you need.

Opening file location of search results

The last step to pinning your steam game to the taskbar, is to just drag and drop the file on to the bar. You should now see the game icon in the taskbar and it should launch the game. You can move the icon to a different position just by dragging it around.

Pinned steam game

If you want to remove the steam game from the taskbar, just right click on the icon and select ‘Unpin from taskbar‘. If you want to pin other non-Steam games, you can follow this same guide. All you need to do instead of the first part is find the installation folder for that game.

If you’re looking for more steam games to add to your collection and maybe even your taskbar, check out our list of games coming up this year. If you’re looking for more ways to take advantage of new Windows features to speed up your daily tasks, check out our window management tips.


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