Sell ALL Your Steam Trading Cards with 1 Click

Sell Steam Inventory (feature)

Selling all your steam trading cards has become a huge chore. It used to be easy with the legendary Steam Inventory Helper, but it was turned into malware by a new Russian owner. Many newcomers have tried to make plugins to do the same job but most of them are broken or just terrible to … Read more

How to get Twitch Alerts Up & Running

Twitch Alerts Feature

Twitch Alerts are a crucial tool in every streamers arsenal. Whether on Twitch or on YouTube, you want to broadcast new donations and followers to the world. However, you don’t want to have to do this manually or do any extra work. This is where Twitch Alerts come in to automate the process. Note: This … Read more

Best Upcoming Games in 2019

Best Games Of 2019

Overall, 2018 was a terrible year for gaming. Most of the year was filled with cash grabs and high-budget disasters. Here’s to hoping 2019 brings us more masterpieces that would keep us playing for more than a couple of days. We’ve listed the best and most interesting upcoming games in 2019 to a single epic … Read more

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Release Date and Info

Bannerlord 2 (feature)

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is one of the most anticipated games of the past decade. Problematically, there hasn’t been a lot of information regarding a potential release date or time. We here at TechTipVault have been scouring the web for any leads and information about the game. 2019 UPDATE: Mount and Blade Bannerlord has … Read more

PS4 Crashing Internet & All Connections?

PS4 Connection Problems (feature)

Is your PS4 crashing the internet in the entire house when you turn it on? There are many potential reasons and solutions for this problem, here’s to hoping one of the works for you. We’ve scoured the web for all possible solutions to PS4 crashing the router and found tons. In fact we managed to … Read more

What is NVIDIA RTX Series all about? Specs and Comparison

GTX vs RTX Feature

NVIDIA has been on top of the graphics card game for years, but the new RTX Series will blow all competition out of the water. Huge price surges shook the GPU market due to crypto currency mining but they’re finally stabilizing. The new extremely powerful GTX 1080 series graphics cards beat every other card in … Read more

Play YouTube Videos Minimized & No Ads on Android

yMusic Feature

The problem with the official YouTube app Everyone knows how annoying it is when listening to playlists and other songs on the YouTube mobile app and after every song the same ads start playing. What about when you want to keep listening to YouTube playlists while minimized and keep your phone turned off in your … Read more

Best Tips for Buying a Gaming Monitor in 2019

Gaming Monitors Feature

When searching for the best gaming monitor, 2019 has brought a lot of new competitors to the mix. There are a few factors to consider before deciding on which monitor you want to have complete your setup while looking and feeling good. Screen size When looking for the best gaming monitor, the most important factor … Read more

Twitch and YouTube shortcut keys

YouTube Twitch Shortcuts Feature

When it comes to YouTube videos or Twitch clips, there are tons of shortcut keys to make your life easier. Sadly many of these are not shown to the average user and don’t get utilized nearly as much as they should. We got tired of looking everywhere every time you found a YouTube video or … Read more

How to activate Dark Theme on YouTube

YouTube Dark Theme Feature

YouTube has always had a red and white color scheme that has stayed virtually unchanged over the years, therefore a long awaited night mode is a breath of fresh air. A problem with YouTube is that there is almost no customization possibilities for any aspects of the platform. Aside from being iconic to the YouTube … Read more